Welcome, traveler, to Crossed Paths!

This is a loose-attendance Pathfinder campaign.

This means that attendance at every session is not mandatory. We’ll attempt to wrap up each session in such a way that a character can safely skip out on the next session if they’re not likely to be able to attend. There will be sessions either every week or every two weeks.

In cases where we can’t wrap up in an ideal way and a player can’t make the next session, I may request to play that player’s character as an NPC according to the player’s wishes. The character will gain 1/4 experience while an NPC.


The story centers around the town of Polidan’s Crossing, a moderately traveled town of small repute. As such, your characters may be merchants, wanderers, locals, adventurers, or any other background (per my approval), as you desire. I’ll want at least two paragraphs of backstory for your character, and any relation or association with another character must be pre-approved.

We’ll be using rules from the Core Rulebook and Advanced Player’s Guide only.

We’ll do character building at the first session. Come with a few basic ideas in mind and we’ll roll up stats and whatnot together.

Additional players

If you have a friend you would like to invite to play, please let me know. For the first couple sessions I’d like to keep our numbers low, however.

Other notes

I’m not sold on whether we’ll use Obsidian Portal in the long run, since I’ve got plenty of web hosting space.

I’m open to having guest GMs run a story arc from time to time, so long as there are no conceptual changes made to the setting. If you’re interested, let me know.

Crossed Paths

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